Case studies are an engaging way to bring a personal side to an organization’s work while still following strategic messaging. These are some of the projects I have worked on.

My contribution: concept, story research, production planning, building the narrative through filming and editing

VLOGS: Covid-19

In case of emergencies and global crises it is crucial to deliver communication assets quickly. Remotely gathered content – often by mobile phones or otherwise readily available equipment – ensures fast turnarounds and enables access to otherwise unreachable locations. These are some of the projects I have worked on.

My contribution: concept, remote content gathering, editing

Challenges and hopes from children around the world
While the coronavirus continues to spread, it has already had a great impact on the lives of many of us. We asked children and young people from around the world how they feel and what they wish for. Listen to what they have to say.

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Tantie baggage: a child labour practice tackled by SOS – coronavirus update
Aminata*, 17, used to carry heavy bags for shoppers at the market to support her family’s income. Together with community partners, SOS Children’s Villages Côte d’Ivoire enabled her to learn a profession. But as the sewing workshop she now works at has less costumers due to the #coronavirus, Aminata* struggles with the economic effects. Listen to what she has to say.

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This is SOS Children’s Villages is a brand positioning campaign that describes and visualizes the worldwide work of SOS Children’s Villages. The toolkit comprises key messaging documents, dissemination guidance and more than 40 video assets grouped in multiple content streams to target different audiences or tailored to specific dissemination channels.

My contribution: In my role as Multimedia Producer I was heavily involved from the concept phase to final delivery of the entire project including collaborative concept development, production planning across five continents, filming of about 80% of the footage, editing, collaborative script writing and strategic dissemination on a variety of channels including major social media platforms.

This is SOS Children’s Villages: Global brand positioning video showcasing what SOS does, why they do it and how they do it.

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What we do: Five features covering core areas of the organization’s work in more detail.

Social Media Snippets: Short mobile first videos to promote key messages of the main film on a range of social media channels.

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Voices of SOS Children’s Villages: A collection of more than 20 videos showing the diverse world of the organisation through the voices of people who work in, benefit from and support the programmes. To make sure the people who appear in the main film or deep dives have their voices heard.